A day in the sun at Kew Gardens

Giant waterlilies, manicured gardens, greenhouses to put almost any others to shame and a lizard to boot! Just a few of the incredible sights to see during a day out in Kew Gardens.… Continue reading

Photography Friday: P is for ‘Portugal’

Medieval castles, beachy culture, cobbled streets, fantastic food and a relaxed lifestyle. Oh and the sunshine. Yes. SUNSHINE! That’s right, this week’s Photography Friday takes us to sunny Portugal! Enjoy a taste of… Continue reading

Bookbenches in London: Riverside Trail

A hint of colour hides around many corners in the London Bridge area of London lately. This is from all the amazing bookbenches created by artists for ‘Books About Town’. If you missed my… Continue reading

Photography Friday: O is for ‘O.E’!

This is a bit of a special Photo Friday. I decided since I’m up to the letter O in the alphabet I would celebrate with highlights of my ‘Overseas Experience’ (aka O.E) from the… Continue reading

Getting a beach and fish n’ chip fix in England

Anyone who knows me well, will know how much I miss the beaches in New Zealand. So, whenever I get an opportunity to see and smell fresh ocean air I jump at the… Continue reading

Photography Friday: N is for ‘Norway and Northern Lights’

Lighting up the night sky in typical Norwegian fashion – not with fireworks, but with the stunning Aurora Borealis. Photographing the Northern Lights is never easy, but as I detailed in one of my… Continue reading

Top 10 London Staycation Ideas

Stuck at home in London while everyone around you is jetting off around the world on summer holidays? Sound familiar? For the first time in the last 5 years, this is me. No… Continue reading

Photography Friday: M is for ‘Montreux’

Tucked away hides a quaint little castle. Sitting on a wondrous lake in possibly the cleanest area in Europe. Château de Chillon is the drawing card for Montreux, but the stunning scenery that… Continue reading

Bookbenches for Books About Town

Colourful art amongst the city of London, for all to enjoy! Having recently written an article for the New Zealand Times about Mandii Pope, a brilliant Kiwi artist, I decided to venture out… Continue reading

Photography Friday: L is for ‘Lauterbrunnen’

Imagine a valley of green, waterfalls gushing down the mountains around, snow topped Alps in the distance, cow bells ringing and the smell of country air. Wondering where you are? Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland.… Continue reading

Newly designed site with new photography galleries

Time for a change. A responsive change. Time to make the galleries have bigger better photographs. Time to re-design and re-develop designack.com! Over the last few months I’ve been pretty busy, not only… Continue reading

Photography Friday: K is for ‘Kenya’

“Africa is not a country, but it is a continent like none other. It has that which is elegantly vast or awfully little”  ~ L Douglas Wilder Kenya holds an incredibly special place… Continue reading

Photography Friday: J is for ‘Jordan’

Just a few buses, a boat and a few more buses from Sharm el Sheikh and you’ll arrive in Jordan, in this case, Petra. Petra is one of the new 7 wonders of the world.… Continue reading

Photography Friday: I is for ‘Italy’!

Pasta, pizza, gelato…. ahhhh need I say more? Italy is my ‘most travelled’ country in Europe, heck, possibly in the world. It’s just stunning from the history, architecture to the food and scenery.… Continue reading

Favourite travel photos

As part of this month’s link up with a few other brilliant bloggers, it was put to us to choose our favourite travel photo. This was by no means an easy one for… Continue reading

10 ways to explain what travelling really is. Not a holiday.

‘You’re always on holiday’ “I go travelling not on holiday” ‘Isn’t it the same?’ No. Oxforddictionaries.com describes travel as ‘Make a journey, typically of some length’ whereas holiday is explained as ‘An extended… Continue reading

Photography Friday: H is for ‘Hungary’!

Back in 2008 I boarded a bus with a bunch of European Erasmus students from Linz, Austria to Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is split by a river Danube, one side of the city is called… Continue reading

Travel Inspiration

Inspiration is all around and I for one am never at a loss for options of where I want to travel next. The tricky part is usually deciding between many top destinations. Years… Continue reading

Photography Friday: G is for ‘Germany’

Spanning from 2008 to 2011 I visited Germany four times! It is close enough to Austria to feel special to me, because I was able to visit it during the winter covered in… Continue reading

Celebrating the New Zealand Business Women’s Network 5th Birthday!

13 tables of food and wine, 4 mins and a giant roomful of New Zealand women, where else could I be than the New Zealand Business Women’s Network 5th birthday! Sometimes in London… Continue reading

Photography Friday: F is for ‘France’

This Photography Friday brings us to the stylish country of France. It is a country I would like to see a lot more of because it is so vast and unique from place… Continue reading

Getting cultured in Shakespeare’s hometown: Stratford upon Avon

Wandering through the house he was brought up in, hearing the stories from the guides inside, seeing the small four post beds, the nooks and crannies – it’s hard not to be astounded… Continue reading

Photography Friday: E is for ‘Egypt’

Sunrises, Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Snorkeling… this could be a dream, but it’s not it’s Egypt!  A few years ago I managed to check out a country that was temporarily safe to… Continue reading

A Fish out of Water: My first ever international travels

It’s 4am. The fire alarm had been set off. My roommate and I haven’t slept a wink from all the banging and crashing. Now we’re faced with some German-speaking police and firemen at… Continue reading

Photography Friday: D is for… Ireland?

Okay I may not have been to any countries beginning with D, but I’ve certainly visited a lot of cities and areas beginning with D. Best example of this were all the amazing… Continue reading

Becoming an Afternoon Tea addict

Checklist for Afternoon Tea: 1. Clotted Cream with scones 2. Continuous tea and milk, extra points for array of teas 3. Fresh sandwiches 4. Interesting sweets 5. Relaxed and beautiful surroundings 6. Good… Continue reading

Photography Friday: C is for ‘Croatia’

Sun, blue skies, pebbles, clear waters, what more could a traveller want? (Okay, maybe sand instead of pebbles and some fish n’ chips) This week’s ‘Photography Friday’ takes us back to Europe and… Continue reading

Travelling around Russia

Expectations are a tricky thing, even when it’s not a physical thing you expect to see on your travels. I’ve learnt to try not have expectations as it puts a dampener on how… Continue reading

Photography Friday: B is for ‘Bangkok’

Moving on from last weeks ‘A’ is for ‘Austria’ post, I skip a few years and step into Bangkok – the single day I had there before I fell ill and wound up in… Continue reading

The Hermitage: A museum to rival Paris’s Louvre

Situated on the incredible Dvortsovaya Ploshchad ‘Palace Square’ stands an incredible green building (yes green may sound strange), opposite a yellow building with a stunning arc sculpted by George von Velten in the… Continue reading

Photography Friday: A is for ‘Austria’

In an effort to start showing you some photographs from various times in my travels since 2008, I thought I would start with the alphabet! Some letters are bound to be tricky, but we’ll… Continue reading