A dash of positivity

sea sky sun

Walking in nature

It’s been awhile since I posted and was part of the monthly blog linkup that my lovely travel blogger friends organise, yet I felt that of all months this month it was time to start participating again.

In New Zealand we’re in lockdown, I’ve spent a week working from home and making the milk last as long as possible before a nip to a local ‘dairy’ (aka small shop) to grab some more milk. The more I think about it the more people are tremendously affected by Covid-19 and the more my worries seem minimal by comparison.

However, this post isn’t about worries, its about looking at the positives, the light, the things we can be grateful for each day. I’ve started an evening routine of reflecting on one thing that made me happy or that I’m grateful for each day, which I believe is helpful to avoid getting too wound up in all the unhappy news around. Don’t get me wrong, its important to be informed, be aware and be empathic, but for our mental health its also important to consider what positives there are too.

I hope sharing these things that I’m grateful for, helps others see the good things in their lives too.

Gaining 2.5 hours of commute time back

Working from home now means I have time for morning exercise to help stay on top of my knee injury (just a long lasting niggle), using my exercycle each morning, followed my stretches.

Afternoons after work, I get to go for a nice walk around the local reserve, which is especially nice when the tide is in, spotting ducks and fish along the way, and appreciating the calm waters that seem surreal with everything else going on in the world.

Nature spotting

Nature is where I get my peace from. I wake up to birds out my window and see them all around my property throughout the day. I’ve set up my makeshift office (camping table on bricks) with a view over the reserve with trees and birds outside. My walks are spent watching kingfishers and other birds fly around the other local reserve along the waters edge. Seeing bumble bees on my flowers makes me smile. Nature is alive and abundant.


The daily walk

bush walk

Trees and shrubs along the nature walk

nature by sea

Local reserve

walking path by water

Local walking path

Seeing vegetable seeds sprout

Perfect time to start the winter vegetable garden, the fresh vegetables may not produce during lockdown, but it’s inspiring to see growth and progress as these little seeds grow into mighty plants in my own back yard.


Vegetables grown by seed

Staying in touch with friends and family

Now more than ever, all the people that matter in my life are on my mind regularly. I know there’s not much I can do for them, but I can contact and tell them I’m hoping that they stay safe and well and so do their love ones.

Bear hunt

It warms my heart a little bit to see bears in windows around the world. It shows a little bit of care and joy for others. I’ve popped a childhood banana toy in my window from a family trip to Taupo. Not quite a bear, but a little bit of fun still. If you’re in NZ check out https://www.facebook.com/NZbearhunt/.

banana soft toy

My ‘bear’ hunt contribution

Getting back into meditation

I’ve been doing an 8 week mindfulness course which has now moved online and is proving even more beneficial now. It’s still tricky getting used to a new lockdown schedule but when I do fit it in, I always am left with a sense of calm despite my anxiety and worries.

Having a job

I’m a fixed term contractor these days, so nothing is ever certain, but I am truely appreciative to have my days filled with work and being able to pay my mortgage. I know there are many out there struggling now and I really feel for you. I still worry about my own situation and what it may become, but it could be so much worse so I want to keep perspective, when it comes to work and finances.

Not doing lockdown alone

For once this is something I’m not doing solo. As many of you will know from most of my travel blog posts I’ve done a lot of solo travel. I’ve also gone through some pretty tough times feeling pretty alone and its nice to know this time I have someone to keep me company. It means my walks are hand in hand, any concerns are listened to, coffee is shared as are worries. Lockdown would have been enough to probably send me backwards mentally if I was alone, so this is one thing I am truely grateful for.


Travels and events are on hold at the moment and those itchy feet aren’t going to get anywhere any time soon, instead hopefully I’ll finally get around to sharing a few bits over the next few months of my not-so-solo adventures I’ve had over the last year. I might even spend time planning potential epic adventures for when this is all over too.

For everyone reading this, thank you. Please stay safe and well. Find the positive things in each day. Share a hug. Please be considerate of others and the people that are on the frontline, a little show of appreciation and kindness goes a long way.

Take care, kia kaha — stay strong.