Celebrating Kiwifootprints turning one!

Sunset from Mt Sinai

Sunset from Mt Sinai, Egypt

Seems a bit sad saying happy birthday to your own travel blog, but this month has been a very exciting month on kiwifootprints and today is a moment to celebrate how far my little travel blog has come.

For years I’ve travelled and wanted to share my tales with someone other than my journal. I’ve wanted to share the photographs I take from these amazing places that are etched in my memory. I’ve wanted to get a bit more creative with my writing, while keeping in touch with family and friends around the world. Then one year ago today…

Kiwifootprints.com was born


It’s been an exciting year, reflecting on my past and present travels and favourite moments, those ‘pinch me’ moments, the adventure thrill seeking (death defying) moments. A year of reflecting on life as an expat and the little joys of living in London. A year of finally getting to those trips I’d been waiting to do for years, like Greek Island hopping and visiting the USA and Canada.

Agia Anna beach, Naxos

Agia Anna beach, Naxos

I’ve kept my posts honest and with my own personality in them, while still trying to keep you entertained. Some posts have been part of blog link ups to talk about new topics to help other travellers and I’ve met some fantastic bloggers in the process. A ‘Bloggers Afternoon Tea’ has even featured and after meeting so many interesting people, it’s a regular item in the calendar now.

I am starting to be a bit braver – I’ve begun writing guest posts and providing photography for other bloggers, travel magazines and companies (email me if you want to get in touch about my work at ngaire@designack.com).

Sheep on Papamoa Hills

Sheep on Papamoa Hills, New Zealand

I started this blog soon after visiting New Zealand for the first time in three years since I left NZ. I came back to London missing home a lot and thinking I’ve got to turn things around in London. Joining touch rugby and tag rugby teams were thoroughly enjoyable until I got a knee injury (still paying for that enjoyment as I await an MRI). Visiting the annual Travel Photography Live conference is also brilliant – it spurs me on to do more photography and travel to more incredible places. Continuing to participate in Meetups like WordPress London, Kiwi Ladies Tweetups, coffee group and New Zealand Society events also keeps me happy in London.

I’d like to take the chance to say a big thank you, my readers, for coming along for the experience and reading my posts. I love to hear your comments and look up other people’s own blogs, websites and photography work. I write these posts with you in mind, to encourage you to visit some of the incredible places I’ve visited and to try help make the expat move or solo travel easier (or at least more informed).

What’s next for kiwifootprints?

Well I have an exciting trip waiting in the wings next month as I tick off another destination that I’ve wanted to visit for the last few years: Russia. After that, you’ll just have to wait and see for the updates! If you enjoyed my ‘Photo of the Day’ this month let me know, it’s been a lot of work and I’m considering if I should continue it or do a selection of ‘Photos of the week’ or maybe a ‘Location of the week’. I’ll still bring you exciting weekly posts and blog links ups, as well as share more of my writing and photography that are published by others.

Ngaire and Gorillas

Me with the Amahoro Group of Gorillas in Rwanda

If you want to read or see more about something in particular, let me know in the comments below or flick me an email at ngaire@designack.com. If you struggle to keep up with the posts, you can get them sent to your email inbox – just sign up in the sidebar! Alternatively I’m a daily twitter’er so you’re always welcome to follow me @ngaireackerley.


And remember…

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
– Henry Miller

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