It all starts somewhere

New Zealand - copyright Ngaire Ackerley

Five years ago I ventured out of New Zealand for the first time, my footprints lead me to Austria where I studied and began my travels. Six months later I was back in New Zealand finishing my studies and remembering the best moments of my life that had just happened. From the moment I returned I knew I needed to keep travelling. I’d had a taste of history in the old towns of Eastern Europe, seen how gypsies, beggars and homeless people get by, experienced some of the worlds amazing art and architecture from art galleries in Vienna to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and tasted real pasta, pizza and gelato in Italy.

A year and a half passed as I finished my studies, paid off my student loan and saved up to return to Europe. This time is was a solo journey, I sold nearly everything I owned including my trusty Ford Laser that had been my first car and had lasted me eight years. With tearful goodbyes I ventured onto Thai Airways out of Auckland, New Zealand… that was now three years ago.

What will follow in this blog over time will be various stories about my travels, from Asia, Europe and Africa (and hopefully more continents in the future). Some stories will be from the past and some will be recent. I decided to start sharing my experiences with anyone that wishes to listen (or read in this case). My photography work is found on my website called and I welcome you to check out the images from my travels there.