Photo of the Day, March 25: Rwanda, Africa

Sometimes it takes another being so free and untouched to make you realise how incredible the world is and how unique and beautiful it really is

Gorilla in Rwanda

A baby gorilla in Rwanda

Today marks the day that I started this travel and photography blog. It’s come a long way since one year ago, I hope that sharing some of my favourite experiences (both past and present) and tips has helped share the joy of travel and inspire people.

Today’s ‘Photo of the Day’ is of a little baby gorilla from the Amahoro group or “Peaceful group” that I took during my visit to Rwanda. I had hiked through bush and up the mountains of Volcanoes National Park for a few hours and exhausted (I was un-fit at this time), I stepped through some bush to a sunny clearing where this lovely group of Gorillas were relaxing. This is one of the best experiences of my life, I can’t recommend it enough. I hope that one day I’ll return to meet the Gorillas again.

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