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Photo of the Day, March 14: Oia, Greece

Imagine Greece. What do you see? Greek salads? White washed buildings with blue tops? Coastal delights? Last year I finally managed to reach a destination that I’d been wanting to visit for years:… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 13: Kenya, Africa

Wild animals roaming free amongst green pastures, happy and free. Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya is the basis of today’s Photo of the Day. This baboons gazed up at while being lovingly… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 12: Positano, Italy

Blue sea against white washed buildings set into a large cliff is a decent description of the beautiful Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Positano is a dreamy spot to just lay back enjoy… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March11: Cinque Terre, Italy

Brilliant costal scenery, 5 colourful little villages and some incredible pizza and pasta – what better way to spend a long weekend than wandering through UNESCO World Heritage Site – Cinque Terre on… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 10: Reykjavik, Iceland

Baby blue waters amongst volcanic rocks at the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland. Failing to see the Northern Lights properly, Reykjavik didn’t disappoint. The city itself is strangely quite with a very tall unique… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 09: Bath, England

Quaint beauty and the best city to sit and have cream tea: Bath, England. Bath in England has got to be one of my favourite cities in England. I may have only visited… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 08: Coumeenole Beach, Ireland

Ireland brings happiness, beauty, colour and great Guinness. It’s no surprise to anyone when I say I miss the beach. While travelling around the lovely Ireland, with its incredibly friendly people I was… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 07: Stockholm, Sweden

Ice, Ice, Baby! From frozen lakes to snowy pastures melting in sunlight, Stockholm’s beauty doesn’t disappoint. Visiting one of my best friends in Sweden before hitting the UK in 2010, I was given… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 06: Bangkok, Thailand

Asia offers completely out of this world architecture, colour, beauty and detail floods the temples in Bangkok. Today’s photo of the day, transports us to Bangkok in Thailand. The first city I visited… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 05: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sipping one of the best fruit smoothies ever while sitting my a canal in the sunshine. The slow-paced city of Ljubljana in Slovenia provided a lovely cafe-lifestyle. This photo of the day ends… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 04: Bavaria, Germany

The quiet silent beauty of the landscape drift past during the journey to the Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany. This is one of my favourite photographs from my first 6 months of travel. The peaceful… Continue reading

Photo of the day, March 03: Venice, Italy

A romantic place if there ever was one. The pasta, the canals, the boats, the art. A little piece of Venice will always stay in your heart. Staying in 2008 for a little… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 02: Prague, Czech Republic

To be an artist is to believe in life. – Henry Moore Today’s Photo of the Day takes us to Prague, in the Czech Republic. It was the first European city I visited… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 01: Linz, Austria

Amongst the darkness of a chilly night, streaming lights speed past on a moving target. This was when I welcomed myself to Linz, Austria. As part of celebrating turning one this month,… Continue reading

‘Pinch me’ moments to last a lifetime

Imagine this: you’re sitting on some stairs in the center of Prague’s town square. It’s St. Patrick’s Day 2008 and dusk has just kicked in. You are surrounded by Easter market stalls, brightly… Continue reading

The Homeland

Sunshine, warmth, pristine beaches, Pohutukawa trees, walks along white sandy shores, fish n’ chips wrapped in newspaper… these are things I remember from home, the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa. As a… Continue reading

Most memorable night’s sleep while travelling

Bang! Bang! That’s the taxi driver thumping on the window as I wake up inside, stranded on a back road in Nairobi. Brushing the sleep from my eyes I see the road covered… Continue reading

A soggy (yet beautiful) visit to the Lake District

Can you say wet? Floods? Rain? A bit more rain? Rainwater is what most of the UK had the pleasure of experiencing over the recent Christmas/New Year period. However, at least I was… Continue reading

2013 and 2014: What’s been and what’s to come

Every blogger does a year review right? Well I may as well join in and remind you all of my year. It’s definitely been a year of ups and downs, but definitely one… Continue reading

Halloween pumpkin hunting!

Some smile. Some scare. Some are just down-right funny. Some have eyes. Some have mouths and some have flowers. I’ve course I’m talking about Halloween pumpkins! Yes I know it’s a tad late… Continue reading

A day of sights in the Big Apple (happy and sad ones)

 I saw names that ended with ‘… and her unborn child’ and spots where a single rose was left in the name of a loved one. That reminded me that this isn’t just… Continue reading

A taste of America

The American version of London maybe? With less crowds and better weather, I contemplate… Hitting the ‘Big Apple’ has been on my travel list for a long time. Broadway has been calling. Hot… Continue reading

Leiden: a taste of the real Netherlands

I recently visited the Netherlands for a conference about WordPress – in fact the first European WordCamp. For the those that consider themselves geeks that read my blog, it was pretty neat. 700… Continue reading

Historic Athens, to take you back in time

Towering above the city was the Acropolis – in the dark of night it is lite up in stunning golden tones against the deep dark sky above. The view from the rooftop terrace… Continue reading

Spires of Milan: the Duomo

Getting a tad lost (walking in the complete opposite direction) I learnt that Milan was a very modern city, with an amazing Duomo (Cathedral) that stands tall amongst the busy city. I stayed… Continue reading

Lake hopping in Italy

After a panic-attack and losing most of my stomach I found myself sitting on a balcony as the sun set over a pristine lake surrounded by mountains in Italy. The panic attack was… Continue reading

When travel goes wrong

Sometimes things just go wrong. Then they continue to go wrong. Then you don’t care any more that things go wrong because at least you’re in a lovely different country experiencing something new.… Continue reading

Face to face with a silverback (East Africa: Part 3)

Exhausted, stepping through the brush I suddenly became spellbound. Sitting just a few meters away were the most incredible creatures on earth that I’d ever met. There they were, a group of gorillas… Continue reading

Chimps, National Parks and lush landscapes of Uganda (East Africa: Part 2)

Moving onwards from the amazing animals in Kenya I headed to Uganda. Uganda is definitely worth the wait as you cross the border. Keep your head down; get through to see some amazing… Continue reading

Baboons, elephants and game parks in Kenya (East Africa: Part 1)

It’s never ideal to fall asleep in the back of a taxi when the driver has left you stranded on a country road while he goes to get petrol. However, I was jetlagged… Continue reading