Halloween pumpkin hunting!

Some smile. Some scare. Some are just down-right funny.
Some have eyes. Some have mouths and some have flowers.

I’ve course I’m talking about Halloween pumpkins! Yes I know it’s a tad late for Halloween-related blog posts, but if shops can start selling Christmas bits in September, I can mention Halloween in December.

I arrived in New York the day after Halloween. American looooooove celebrating Halloween. Pumpkins on doorsteps, shop windows decorated, yards covered in orange and black. It was pretty fun coming across so many entertaining and pretty displays.
Pumpkins on a doorstep in New York

Halloween display in New York

Pumpkins at a Market near Prospect Park

Pumpkins at a Market near Prospect Park

Courtyard of Halloween pumpkins

Next week I’ll be talking about Niagara Falls and a tour that was a bit different… so stay tuned!

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