The end of my time in Ecuador

Chorongo enjoying sugar cane

Chorongo enjoying sugar cane

Ecuador was a tricky country for me. The moment I arrived I was surrounded by lots of green banana trees for miles. I had hope of a fantastic time in the countryside.

I met some amazing people. From a couple that took me out for shopping, stunning cakes and fantastic vegetarian food in Quito to the amazing group of people on my Galapagos cruise.

Land Iguana, Isabela Island

Land Iguana, Isabela Island

I also met a lot of people I didn’t like. Taxi drivers were constantly trying to rip me off and usually succeeding. One even started driving away with my legs hanging out of the car as I demanded my change. I learnt it’s not worth getting into arguments for a few dollars. One boat taxi driver made the short list of guys that made me uncomfortable in South America. That’s always a concern for a solo female traveller and I was quite surprised how well I’d been left alone until Ecuador. That being said, these things could happen anywhere. It was just my time.

Me at Guayaquil

Me at Guayaquil, Ecuador

I saw some nice cities in Ecuador, but none blew me away. I had wanted to get out to the cloud forest, but illness put pay to that. I volunteered on the edge of the Amazon with some lovely animals, but I got sick there too. I managed to end up in hospital twice in a matter of 3 weeks with parasites and then also had an accident with a sea urchin in the Galapagos that resulted in a bunch of spikes in my foot, one of which I’m still trying to have removed (surgically). March was not my month of luck.

The Galapagos was a nice way to end to my time in Ecuador. While it wasn’t quite what I expected, it was still amazing and I would have always wished I’d gone there if I didn’t visit now. I saw some pretty cool animals and had a nice ‘holiday’ from my travels.

Sea lions in the harbour

As I mentioned in my last post, next is Colombia. I’m getting tired and looking forward to heading to the USA and NZ, so I hope it keeps me excited!