Favourite things to do while travelling

As part of this month’s link up of ‘favourite things’ I’m taking the angle of my favourite things to do while travelling, so here they are:

Get Lost

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

When you’re in a safe city, there’s nothing better than hiding the map and letting your senses guide you. It’s great the little shops you come across, the fantastic cafe you might spot, the path less travelled and the random people you get chatting to.

Meet strangers

My Dutch friend Eveline and I in Patagonia

My new Dutch friend Eveline and I in Patagonia

Atlanta Couple, San Fran

Atlanta Couple, San Fran

As a typical solo traveller I usually stay at hostels for the price and to meet other people. When waiting in lines, I chat to those around me. More often than not I’ll meet someone heading in the same direction as me and have a buddy to keep me company for a day or two. The conversations can be so brilliant that it feels like you’ve known each other a lifetime, just because of the common knowledge you share.

Eat naughty food

When I travel for short periods (week or two) any diet or healthy eating goes by the wayside. I have vivid memories of being in Italy and having gelato 2-3 times a day, pizza at 10am and a different scrumptious pasta dishes each night. Oh the memories of Italy… and Bosnia… and New York and…

Starter of Cheese Rice Balls and Artichokes

Starter of Cheese Rice Balls and Fried Artichokes, another amazing yummy combination

Then I return to wherever I call home and literally feast of vegetables!

Take photographs

I love creating memories and catching unique things on my camera to look and share later. They make me realise how incredible places I visit are, even when at the time they may not seem so fantastic.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Russia, 2014

Do something I may never do again

I’m a bit of an adventure and thrill seeker. I love to try new things in new places. I’ve sky dived in New Zealand, run off a cliff with a paraglide in Slovenia, tested out hang gliding in Switzerland, bungee jumped and white water rafted in Uganda, sand boarded in Namibia and Peru, just to name a few.

Sky diving over Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Sky diving over Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Catch up with friends

Some of my best buddies are dotted all over the world. It’s always fantastic to catch up and have it feel like no time has passed.

Friends in Rome

One of my best mates from when I studied in Austria, four years on in Rome

Get back to nature

I love being surrounded by nature when I travel. Some of my best trips have been roughing it camping in Africa, hiking mountains in South America and meeting unique animals in both regions.

Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Squirrel monkeys in our boat

Squirrel monkeys in our boat, Pampas, Bolivia

Letting go of time and technology

I’m a web designer/developer most of the time, but when I travel I try to avoid bringing a cellphone and only turn on the laptop occasionally (if it’s a 1-2 week trip I may not even bring the laptop). It’s incredible being able to just let go and enjoy the moment without distractions.

Clouds at Salar de Uyuni

Clouds reflecting at Salar de Uyuni

Experience history and culture that I’ve never known

Growing up in New Zealand you get used to modern life and English-speaking culture. Yet, the world is so diverse and has so much more to offer and understand. I’m blown away by the incredible ancient buildings still standing, the colourful temples and the ways cities have rebuilt themselves and their communities after incredible tragedies.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzgovina

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Those a my favourite things to do while I travel, what are yours?