Photography Friday: X is for O ‘x’ ford

Okay okay, it’s a bit of a stretch, but I’ve never been to China and that’s where most of the countries/places are that start with X. So today’s ‘Photo Friday’ steps back over 4 years to when I visited Oxford (and didn’t have a lot of photography experience).

Oxford in England is a city of Universities and amazing architecture, much of which was the inspiration for some of the Harry Potter films! I only had a brief visit to Oxford on a rainy day, but it was an amazing city. I wish I’d had the chance to attend a University like the ones they have there!

Oxford House covered in plants

A house in Oxford covered in plants

Building in Oxford Building in Oxford

One of the many Universities in Oxford

One of the many Universities in Oxford

university in Oxford Oxford Path

Harry Potter inspired Hall

Harry Potter inspired Hall (I think from memory)

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