Top 10 London Staycation Ideas

Stuck at home in London while everyone around you is jetting off around the world on summer holidays? Sound familiar?

For the first time in the last 5 years, this is me. No holidays since Easter and none planned for the next few months… it’s summertime and for once England is having an incredibly sunny summer and here I am stuck in London. Yet, I am not one to waste that sunshine. I’ve spent far too many weekends inside re-designing my portfolio website and planning future travels, that now I’m making the most of the weekends in London.

This month’s travel link up is all about the staycation, so here are 10 things to do in London this summer for a staycation if you’re at a loss of what to do!

  1. Visit the green spaces in London.

    One of my favourite things to do in London is visit the parks. There are some fantastic massive parks all around London that are perfect for that sunny weekend wander or picnic. A few of my top parks include Regents Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and St. James Park. Despite the overcrowded city that London is, you can always find a little bit of peace and quiet in the parks.

    The pathway in Green Park, the parks in London make it livable for someone who misses nature

    The pathway in Green Park, the parks in London make it livable for someone who misses nature

  2. Check out art amongst the city.

    Wild in Art have yet again shared some amazing artwork with the public – all for charity this summer. Littered around London are 50 book benches for everyone to enjoy. I’ve managed to wander two of the four trails myself so far! The trick is finding a way to ask people to move so that you can see the artwork they are sitting on – or visit at a time of day where people aren’t around so much! To find out more see my recent post: ‘Bookbenches for Books About Town’ »

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, created by Mandii Pope

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Bookbench, created by Mandii Pope

  3. Wander around the London Markets.

    There are soooo many markets in London that I can’t note them all down, but this is your chance to check out some different ones. Granted Camden, Spitalfields, Covet Garden and Borough markets are awesome, but some of the others like Colombia Road Flower market and Broadway market are a little bit different to capture your attention, plus its always a great excuse for brunch or lunch!

    Colombia Road Flower Markets, London

    Colombia Road Flower Markets, London

  4. Embrace the air conditioning in art galleries.

    When it gets too hot, why not check out a new art gallery? There are so many around London and the exhibitions are forever changing so they are always worth a look to cool down and inspire your creative side. As much as I love the Tate Modern and V&A it is time to see some others. I recently ventured out to the Saatchi Gallery and the Royal Geographical Society (for the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition) and as always was inspired and loved the artwork and photography that I saw.

    Artwork in the Saatchi Gallery

    Artwork in the Saatchi Gallery

    Wool Mantras in the Saatchi Gallery

    Wool Mantras in the Saatchi Gallery

  5. Venture out to the Greenwich Royal Observatory.

    If you want a decent view over London, some market food and wide open green spaces, then check out Greenwich and the Royal Observatory. See the city from a distance!

  6. Dine like the upper class and enjoy an Afternoon Tea.

    One of my favourite things to do is have afternoon tea with clotted cream and a range of teas! It’s such a treat and can be really incredible for your taste buds when you have a good afternoon tea. If you’re wanting to know where to have an afternoon tea, I reviewed several of the ones I’ve had over the last few years here: ‘Becoming an Afternoon Tea Addict’ »

    Intercontinental Afternoon tea (my shared one was the back one)

    Intercontinental Afternoon tea

  7. Wander around the Thames.

    Try to pick a time of day that is least-touristy, but enjoy the sights and photo opportunities of London Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral hiding behind the Millennium Bridge and even the stunning Big Ben.

  8. Do a walking tour.

    This could be anything from a food tour, a harry potter tour, history of London tour, ghost tour or simply a tourist walking tour. There is always bound to be something you haven’t seen before. I’m still trying to make time to hunt out a decent food tour after my brilliant food tour of New York, so any suggestions are welcomed!

  9. Embrace the day trip.

    London is so central that you can get to so many places within England in a matter of just an hour or two. You can check out the seaside of Brighton, Bournemouth or Whitstable or maybe the culture of Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon or stunning architecture of Oxford!

    Buildings in Stratford

    Buildings in Stratford

  10. Start checking off that ‘to-see’ list.

    How long have you lived in London? What are some of the things that have always been on your to-see list? Now is your chance to see them. Stop putting them off. Embrace the good weather and check off that list!

What are your top staycation ideas from London? Have I missed anything that should be top of my summer list? Let me know in the comments below!