Transported out of this world

I’ve read the hunger games, watched Advatar, District 9 even the Matrix many years ago, but don’t let this fool you I greatly detest Sci-fi things.

The Eden Project Biomes

So its interesting that I recently found myself in a valley with structures that look like giant circular greenhouses (aka Sci-fi territory). It was like I had been transported into a different realm. As I walked down the valley, daffodils and other plants make me realise this is actually still earth, just with some weird structures in front of me.

The Eden Project - WaterfallsThe Eden ProjectWalking into these ‘biomes’ the first thing that hit me was the humidity. Hello? Outside is 3 degrees Celsius with strong winds, yet inside it felt like 25 degrees!

Looking up I saw a rainforest inside this massive structure, so many shades of bright greens and yellows contrasting vibrantly compared to the dull browns and greens outside. Strolling along the paths I came across waterfalls and ponds, seeing and hearing birds even – living in London I haven’t heard any birds other than pigeons in months! Inside this biome I felt like I could have been in Asia or South America, but no, I was in Cornwall on the South West coast of England.

The Eden Project

The Eden ProjectThe Eden Project was top of my list in my recent Easter break in Cornwall. Tucked away from the nearest town of St. Austell it is home to the worlds largest conservatory that houses an amazing indoor rainforest and Mediterranean garden. It is such an incredible sight and an educational experience for all ages. I just kept thinking how much my garden-loving father and my intrigued nephews back in New Zealand would love to roam around these biomes. It’s the perfect day out for anyone that enjoys nature. These biomes, really do transport you out of this world temporarily until you realise the chilly temperature outside during one of the coldest Aprils in a long time in the UK.

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