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The impact of travel

If it wasn’t for travel where would I be? I can’t even imagine the sort of person I’d be if I hadn’t studied in Austria, become close friends with other international students, one… Continue reading

A Greatest Adventure: Taking that first step towards the other side of the world

All the stressful preparations behind me, donning my perfectly planned out long haul outfit (aka homeless person attire) I stepped onto the plane. My first big plane I’d ever been in. Travelling towards… Continue reading

A Fish out of Water: My first ever international travels

It’s 4am. The fire alarm had been set off. My roommate and I haven’t slept a wink from all the banging and crashing. Now we’re faced with some German-speaking police and firemen at… Continue reading

Photography Friday: A is for ‘Austria’

In an effort to start showing you some photographs from various times in my travels since 2008, I thought I would start with the alphabet! Some letters are bound to be tricky, but we’ll… Continue reading

Photo of the Day, March 01: Linz, Austria

Amongst the darkness of a chilly night, streaming lights speed past on a moving target. This was when I welcomed myself to Linz, Austria. As part of celebrating kiwifootprints.com turning one this month,… Continue reading

‘Pinch me’ moments to last a lifetime

Imagine this: you’re sitting on some stairs in the center of Prague’s town square. It’s St. Patrick’s Day 2008 and dusk has just kicked in. You are surrounded by Easter market stalls, brightly… Continue reading

An Austrian Gem

When people travel to Austria I hear all about Vienna (Wein) the beautiful artistic and cultural capital of Austria, Salzburg famous for the Sound of Music and I even sometimes hear about Innsbruck… Continue reading